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What do you think when you can learn from someone who achieved success in life and in business?

Or maybe…

For what question you want to get answer?

It will be probably: “How you did it?”

We always want to know someone achieved success because we think that answer for this question will be a guarantee for our success.

But the truth is that…

…”how-to’s” are not the most important to build online business…

and in the video below Lawrence Tam, someone who earned over $2,000,000 online will tell you why…

Lawrence Tam talked in the video above on how important is vehicle in online business and that this vehicle can be (and in his case it was) Empower Network. To learn more about it, go here.

What do you think? Do you agree with Lawrence or do you have different opinion? Leave your thoughts in comments and share this blog post with others if you get value.


Michael Kidzinski
Brand Online Blog

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...there's a shortcut to results in online business.
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