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Limiting beliefs – understanding what they really are was one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life.

Why? Well because our thoughts, decision and actions are based on them and the thing here is that the majority of our limiting subconscious beliefs are created when we are very young.

Some say that 80% of them are created before we are 8-10 years old so it’s like using old maps of the city (depending on how old we are) to get to a destination after this city has been expanded and modernized.

So, the first question is:

What are limiting beliefs?

For me they are something that we believed in on subconscious level, regardless of if this is truth or not.

In other words, everything what we heard, saw and experienced can become our belief and based on it we create our reality.

It’s like with computers with installed programs. Every program is created for certain work but there are also viruses and they are also programs but they are created to do negative things with computers.

For me negative and limiting beliefs are like viruses and based on them our thoughts occur which lead to the decision and action.

In other words we don’t really know what’s going on and especially when we can’t achieve what we want even if we try so much.

What I try to say is that none of us is guilty of anything but each of us is responsible for his life which involves changing limiting beliefs and about this subject is the video below.

How to change limiting beliefs ft. William Wood

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Michael Kidzinski
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