Yesterday I listened really great interview with David Wood who is in my opinion one of the best experts if we talk about building network marketing business online (I will share with you link to this interview later).

In this post I want to share with you one thing that I heard in this interview about time that is needed to become a master…

We all want to have a lot of money, right?

It doesn’t mean that we all want to have the same amount of money, because for each of us “a lot of money” means something else.

If we want to make money on the internet, we have to learn the right things and do what we’ve learned, right?

Now, here’s the thing…

700 hours

No matter what skill we want to learn, we need 700 hours to learn it fluently.

Swimming, driving a car, speaking in a foreign language are only few examples but every one of them requires 700 hours of learning and doing.

The same applies to internet marketing. 

We have to learn and do what we’ve learned for 700 hours to learn it fluently.

Let’s say that you spend one hour on your business.

It means that you’ll achieve fluency after 2 years.

If you spend 2 hours daily, it will take 1 year.

If you spend 4 hours daily on your business, you’ll achieve fluency after 6 months.

What is very important, is that at this level you know how to develop your business online, and you make some money. Not a lot of money but you have results.

10.000 hours…

The truth is that if we want to have extraordinary results, we have to become a master in what we do and becoming a master takes 10.000 hours. 

Think about it…

Regardless of if we talk about sport, job or entrepreneurship, 10.000 hours allows to achieve mastery level.

In my opinion this amount of time separates professionals from the rest.

So let’s talk about numbers…

If you spend one hour a day on your business, achieving mastery level will take over 27 years.

If you spend 2 hours a day, it will take 13-14 years.

Spending 4 hours a day will allow you to achieve mastery level after 6-7 years.

I’m not talking about waiting 6, 7, 13 or even 27 years. 

I’m talking about learning and doing the right things.

In the interview, about which I wrote at the beginning David Wood said that he started his home based business on 2002 and we worked 3-4 hours daily and his breakthrough came in 2009.

It took him 7 years…

Now, I’m not saying that you will also spend the same amount of time to become a master but this information allows us to understand that achieving BIG numbers in business requires a lot of effort and time.

Next time, when you will hear about “quick success story” just please keep in mind that every master had to spend something about 10.000 hours to become who he or she is now.

At the end I want to add Steve Jobs’ words that fit this subject:

I hope that you won’t ever give up because now you know that becoming a master takes time and that the dots will connect for you in future :-)

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Oh… and one more thing. If you want to listen interview with David Wood, click here.



To your success,
Michael Kidzinski

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