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If you are someone who wants to build a business thanks to the internet then you are probably in the right place.


First of all let me tell you few words about myself…

Who is Michael Kidzinski

First of all I am a human like you and I come from Poland (Europe).

You see, back in 2004 I read an e-book about internet marketing and its possibilities and it was something incredible.

It was a time when I decided that I want to build my online business.

The problem was that I didn’t exactly know what should I do so I started to do what I thought it will give me results and after 2 years without any results I understood that…

There are two ways to build online business: the right way and my own way.

It was a time when I decided that I have to find the right people from who I will learn the right things and I found these people.

It was a time when I created my first squeeze page (it took me 2 days) and my first blog (another day) and I started build my first mailing list.

Few months later I made my first commissions thanks to promoting infoproducts that I bought to become better at marketing and selling.

I also created my infoproducts and I sell them also these days.

The problem that I saw back then was that most of the people can’t do many things to build online business and it was something that made me look for a solution. 

I wanted to find something that would allow to make money on the internet without having to create everything alone (I mean squeeze pages, sales pages and email campaigns).

And I found it…

I found something that allows everyone who really wants to, achieve results in online marketing.

If you want to know more about this solution, click here.

Few more details about Michael Kidzinski

I love internet marketing – yes but it’s not everything about me :-)

First of all I have a twin brother… 


Second thing is that since 2010 I am married …


And the last one is that I love dogs :-)


I share all this information because I want to tell you one thing:

If you really want to build online business, you can do this and I believe that what I share on this blog will help you.

So regardless of who you are, please keep in mind that you are someone special who can achieve great things in life and I hope that some of them you will achieve thanks to internet marketing.


To your success,
Michael Kidzinski